New vegetable proteins

Almimet has begun to market a new range of vegetable proteins

·        Textured Faba Bean Protein

Faba bean protein is a natural, native protein with a high content of protein greater than 60%. This ingredient offers an excellent amino acid profile and can replace soya protein as a “clean label” (EU) ingredient eliminating the problems of allergens and durability as well as concerns regarding GMOs that you can have by using soya based ingredients. Moreover, its carbon footprint according to one study, will be 80 to 90% less than that of proteins from animal sectors like those from milk.

·        Pea proteins 55 and 60%

Two new grades of textured Pea Proteins are introduced into our range. This is a new alternative to soya protein. Textured and dehydrated with content depending on grades going from 55 to 60%. It is particularly digestible as the starch is mostly eliminated during the manufacturing process.

·        Soya proteins

Soya protein is one of the most versatile plant based ingredients and currently the most used. Whether in granules, flakes or powder, out different grades lie between 55 and 70% of pure protein content. It provides protein nutrition of the highest quality and delivers a clear reduction in retail price compared to milk or meat proteins. Finally, because of its versatility a very wide range of foodstuff and beverage applications can be offered.